Flash Player

Installing Flash Player

Here are some basic things you can try if you are having trouble viewing our flash video. When operating multiple browsers keep in mind each browser requires it's on Flash installation.  There are not any player settings that you can change in Flash Player. It's nothing like Windows Media Player in that regard.

*NOTE* Once you've got the newest flash player, we recommend you close all of your browsers completely.
*NOTE* Be aware that the minimum requirement for video memory is 128MB of ram for the latest version of flash player. (Required Hardware Congiuration)
*NOTE* Once you've uninstalled the old version, please update to the newest available version for your computer.
*NOTE* Flash Player 9 Update 3 (v is the absolute earliest version of Flash Player that will work with our video. This is most likely the version that any older PC or MAC will need in order to view. Version 10.x will not work on older systems.
Ports 80 and 1935 are required to be open in order for Flash Player to work properly if your computer is behind any kind of firewall or router.


Trouble-shooting Flash Streams

*Note* If you only have a white page where video should be playing.  You will need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, linked above.


 Adobe Flash for iOS 10 and Higher 

Enable Adobe Flash for Safari 10.0 and higher.  "Click Here"