How it works

Recommended Hardware

New RTN App

*Available on ROKU Channel Store

** You may skip steps 1 and 2 by searching for "RTN Racing" on your Roku device, and adding the RTN Racing channel

  1. Add RTN Roku App - Go to to add the Official RTN Roku application to your Roku account

  2. Update Roku Device - Go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on your Roku device to update your menu to install the RTN application (or you may restart your device)

  3. Open RTN Application - Open the RTN application

  4. Sign Up (Skip if you already have an RTN account) - Push the button "SUBSCRIBE FOR ACCESS" to sign up for an RTN account

  5. Login - Log into your active RTN subscriber account using your credentials

  6. Watch - Enjoy live video or replays directly from your Roku device!



  • Q: How many Roku's can I use?

    A: Only one Roku may be used per each active RTN Subscriber account (Logging into another Roku will log you out of the others)

  • Q: What quality of video is offered on Roku?

    A: HD will be offered when availability from the race track. RTN's roku streaming service uses the best quality video that each track offers.

  • Q: What is new with the recent RTN Racing Roku update?

    A: You can now view replays within the Roku application, and linking was taken away in favor of a user login page